Biometric Authentication

Authenticate returning users with their facial biometric recognition within milliseconds

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Replace old authentication method to a modern and completely higher level of identity assurance. A biometric 3D customer face map is a way to quickly and securely access services for customers. It allows re-confirming that a user is who they claim they are and to access your product or service.

Ondato captures and keeps a biometric three-dimensional map of the customer’s face and when authentication is required, Ondato’s algorithms checks that the photo matches their biometric data on the face.

Key benefits

Authentication is as simple as take a selfie

Swift and secure authentication method

0% fraud tolerance

The process is truly hassle-free, this is how it works:

User verifies his identity during the onboarding or KYC renewal

Ondato captures and saves a biometric 3D map of customer’s face

When the authentication is needed, Ondato captures a facial biometric map

A customer’s face is compared to an already stored face map authenticating user within milliseconds

Protect your business from

3D mask fraud

Print & screenshot images

Distorted photo pictures

Video replay fraud

Eye-cut photo fraud


  • 100% White-labeled for your brand
  • Can be launched without any IT development from clients’ side
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Supports all major browsers & devices
  • Available as mobile SDK
  • Process translation into any language available
  • ISO certified spoofing prevention level 1-2

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