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From now on you need no effort on getting your business customers onboarded. Ondato Legal entity photo verification helps businesses to reduce fraud and makes user onboarding smooth, quick and profitable. Fully automated process that helps to bring only quality, legit customers to the institutions and board legal entities from all around the world without limitations.

Ondato intelligent solution enquiries company registries for legal entity information, gathering the following data:

  • Company registry statement
  • Company financials
  • Company structure
  • Company beneficial owner
  • Other data.

Key benefits

Smooth and guided Real-time identity. Fully automated and effortless customer verification

0% fraud tolerance. Bringing only quality customers onboard

Compliant with AML regulations and GDPR

Supports any device & browser that has a camera

Automated checks of the business shareholders and the representative in registers

The process is truly hassle-free, this is how it works:

Company representative is asked to take a selfie & document photo.

System automatically detects and verifies the identity of a person, as well as document legitimacy.

Selfie and document images are being compared using deep learning biometric analysis.

Representative is asked to input the code of company he has rights to represent.

Ondato intelligent solution enquires company registries for legal entity information, gathering Company registry statement, financials, structure.

Additionally, after the entire process, Ondato can prefill the K.Y.C form and ask the customer to sign the extracted data with a signature or SMS.


  • 100% White-labeled for your brand
  • Can be launched without any IT development from clients’ side
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Supports all major browsers & devices
  • Available as mobile SDK
  • Supports all official documents of the world, without limits
  • Process translation into any language available
  • 100% data GDPR, EBA addendum compliance
  • ISO certified spoofing prevention level 1-2

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