Compliance requirements for Fintech companies are still a major headache to properly identify, verify, and continuously monitor a customer. To operate in a global market, you have to meet the requirements of many different countries and the Ondato solution allows you to do it quickly, invisibly.

Ondato compliance management platform allows you to identify customers from all across the globe with one seamless integration without worrying about different legislations in different countries.

Ondato compliance solutions are perfect for the entire fintech industry: payment companies, electronic money institutions, crowdfunding and investment platforms.


Banks, credit unions, Forex and other financial institutions must meet the highest standards of compliance and security. Ensure proper KYC, AML, CFT, and other processes and avoid making a mistake that can be costly.

Ondato solutions allow you to be sure that compliance is taken care of and that you can focus on your core business. Ondato helps large banking institutions move into the digital space and provide their services there. Solutions help not only to identify individuals but also to collect information about legal entities. The information about the company’s structure, UBO’s, financials and in some cases even credit reports are being delivered for compliance to evaluate.

When an institution needs to keep control over their existing customer base using a single UI interface – it uses the Ondato Compliance CRM tool. Compliance officers can log in into the platform, set-up monitoring rules, risk scoring rules, perform periodic data screening and submit regulatory reports or SAR.

Ondato provides a complete compliance management suite starting from both photo and live video identity verification, data monitoring, screening, due-diligence, risk scoring and case management all in one place. Ondato platform accepts internal procedures and is banking core friendly.


Insurance companies, various Insurtech startups, offer a wide variety of insurance options. With the changing rhythm of people’s lives, going to the physical headquarters of an insurance company is no longer a convenient way, so those companies that offer fast electronic access to all insurance services win.

Undoubtedly, in order to provide insurance services in the electronic space, it is very important to know your customer, properly identify and adhere to ensure data security.

Ondato helps insurance market participants to provide their services continuously in the electronic space, to sell policies at a distance and to meet all the requirements.

Remote life insurance policy issuance when the broker sends the URL to the client to verify his identity in real time. Once identity is verified, the broker receives a confirmation message and can successfully process and issue the insurance.

Customers can access the services from anywhere in the world, at any time and with the device they use. Ondato covers the entire compliance part from customer identification, data verification to electronic signing of documents.

Shared economy

The sharing economy is based on a mutual trust between the service provider and the user, in order to ensure that it is very important to properly identify the customer and protect against fraud in this area.

Carsharing, Coworking and other areas of the peer-to-peer economy must have a fast and simple process that allows them to start using services quickly, but at the same time provide protection against theft, damage and fraud.

Ondato solutions allow you to discover the balance between these things, ensuring an easy and secure onboarding process that saves not only time but also business costs.


The recent global pandemic has shown that the medical field also needs to move into an electronic space where people can get medical consultations remotely, get prescriptions or other medical services.

Healthcare and prescription providers, pharmacies need to ensure that medication goes to the right people and from the right healthcare specialist.

Ondato helps you know your patients and patients know their doctors, protects them from prescription fraud, and keeps sensitive information available only to those who need to know it. The entire process on the part of the user is simple and fast using biometric data, optical character recognition and other technologies. Ondato solutions meet the safety and regulatory requirements of medical institutions. It also saves health professionals time by transferring data from patient documents to prescriptions.


Telecommunication companies need to ensure the secure transmission of audio, video or data, and one of the biggest threats they are facing in this market is identity fraud and the risk of outsiders accessing private data.

Ondato solutions ensure 0% fraud tolerance. Bringing only quality customers onboard.

Ondato ensures smooth and unobtrusive customer onboarding, which saves time and improves the customer experience.

Before customers start transmitting data, such as a video call, the participants in the conversation can be identified by video and verified whether they can join the conversation.

More and more countries are rejecting pay as you go SIM cards. Issues cards only with an identity document. Ondato enables remote sale of SIM cards and the signing of mobile contracts.


The gaming and gambling market has many age and other restrictions that must be adhered to every day in order for a business to avoid paying heavy fines or to stop doing business.

Despite the various requirements, this market needs to adapt to the fast-paced lifestyle of people and make its services available quickly, so the onboarding process for customers needs to be fast and convenient.

Ondato solutions help to properly verify customers and even improve the conversion rate of new customers. Ondato helps you not worry about your customers’ age or geographical location, as everything is done to the highest standards.

We work alongside with our clients to provide relevant and resilient products for individual needs

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