COMPLETE KYC process for business & natural entities

Ondato brings you a completely customized KYC process built according to the best practices on the market.

Our KYC platform covers all the processes related to customer onboarding, data validation and monitoring.

We are enable that by providing one single platform that accepts internal procedures and is banking core friendly.

Complex includes

Electronic signature authentication upon starting the process
Complex KYC forms built upon your needs and procedures
Remote Customer Identification solution in two ways: Stand-alone photo identification & Real-time video identification
Document/forms signing with various digital signatures
Compliance Back-office platform for decision making and enhanced due-diligence

Solution flexibility

Completely integrated with the branding of your company
Placed upon your company domain (i.e.,
Automatic CRM pre-fill and data transfer
100% compliance with EU regulations and GDPR



Information from various banks is in one place.
The creditor manages more information regarding his client.
Data are classified into more than 200 categories.
Fraud prevention: a possibility to cross-check application data.
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