Video identity verification

Verify your customers identity using real-time video performed under agent’s supervision

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Video identity verification solution operates as a real-time video call during which customer’s biometric and document data is verified using complex technologies for highest level of security. Due to video call format, employing this method enables you to serve your customer once verification is complete without any delay.

An agent-assisted video chat process is seamless, convenient and incredibly secure method of verifying your customers identity online adapted to any business procedures.

Key benefits

Smooth and guided Real-time identity verification

Higher conversion rate. User churn rate <5%

0% fraud tolerance. Bringing only quality customers onboard

Compliant with AML regulations and GDPR

The process is truly hassle-free, this is how it works:

User is being connected to the agent.

An agent conducts the interview.

Utilizing interface options, an agent takes a picture of the user’s face and identity document.

The document is verified through a set of predefined checks.

After an agent receives a system response, he confirms the outcome.

Before the call is ended, the data captured is saved for auditing purposes.


  • 100% White-labeled for your brand
  • Can be launched without any IT development from clients’ side
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Supports all major browsers & devices
  • Available as mobile SDK
  • Supports all official documents of the world, without limits
  • Process translation into any language available
  • 100% data GDPR, EBA addendum compliance
  • ISO certified spoofing prevention level 1-2

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