Business Customer Identity VerificationRemote recognition of a legal person in only 3 seconds, based on the representative’s personal ID, instant picture and data from Register of Juridical Persons. Perfect for enjoyable and intuitive client service.

Two ways of doing


A fully automated e-solution – a person takes a picture of their face and one of the identification documents according to the given instructions.


A person is identified during a video chat, according to given instructions.

Recognition process

  1. Face is photographed
  2. Document is photographed
  3. Personal data are checked
  4. Data are checked in registries and lists
  5. Registration code of a company represented is entered
  6. Company’s data and beneficiaries are checked
  7. Statement and identification results are submitted


The client does not have to come to a service center.
Documents and persons of any European country can be identified.
Easily adaptable to client’s needs, systems, and processes.
Can be supplemented with KYC forms and electronic signatures for document signing.


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