ID OCR – Identity Documents Optical Character RecognitionAny written symbol, any document in any language and from any country in the world can be scanned and exported to a convenient for analytics format.


  1. Data are submitted via the API interface or in the protected directory in JPG/PNG format
  2. The system scans documents and embedded data and cross-checks them in relevant registers
  3. The scanned information is sent directly to a company’s internal system or submitted in EXCEL/CSV format
Types of documents:

Passport, ID card, residence permit, driver’s license, and other documents used for identification.

Data scanned:

Name, last name, personal identification number, nationality, sex, document type, document number, date of birth, release and expiry dates of the document.


Various forms are filled automatically with the digitalized data.
The system scans up to 40.000 documents per 1 second.
Human mistakes are avoided, and time is saved on manual data input.
Convenient submission of information in a desired format.


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