Use cases

Client onboarding

Customer onboarding is one of the first steps when customers make a first impression of the company and often it is decided whether the client will continue to use the services or not.

Various legal requirements, compliance, KYC, and AML procedures can make the process difficult, however Ondato has solutions to help businesses find the balance between customer convenience and security.

Ondato solutions help onboard clients from all across the globe with one integration seamlessly, without worrying about different legislations in different countries.

  • A customer-friendly verification process improves conversion rate of new customers.
  • The technology is used to minimize manual work. We automate all processes as much as possible, so that the customer won’t have to fill in and submit additional data. It reduces manual labour and cost of compliance because of many processes overgo and many checks automated.

Business client onboarding

Onboarding  business customers requires a lot of data and checking, during which not only the person representing the company, but also the company itself, the final beneficiaries must be checked.

Ondato enables onboard business customers remotely, conveniently, securely and meet the highest requirements, even for financial institutions.

  • The onboarding process for business customers on the user side is maximally simplified, which increases the number of successfully boarded customers.
  • The Ondato system automatically checks all required information registers, verifies the data and ensures the highest security requirements.
  • Many automated processes save time and reduce compliance costs.

Application e-signing

One of the digitization processes is to bring document signing to the electronic cyberspace. However, in order to operate in a global market, various regulatory challenges remain, as well as bringing together many dissimilar e-signatures in different countries.

Ondato solutions allow you to quickly and conveniently integrate and maintain all the signatures upon regions into your process and make it easier for customers to sign the application in a way that is convenient and secure for them.

  • Customers prefer to complete transactions when they can choose to sign documents with their already available and reliable e-signature.
  • Ondato ensures reliable and secure document signing.

Returning user authentication

In these periods of digitalisation and cyber challenges, passwords are not longer enough to ensure the security of your users and protect them against fraud. However, authentication of returning customers should not be too complicated or inconvenient.

Ondato has several solutions for securely and conveniently authenticating returning customers. This can be done with both biometric 3D customer facial data and e-Signatures already used by customers. Using facial recognition technology to identify a customer instantly, the customer only needs to take a selfie and the system will verify if the person is actually the one who has access.

E-signature is also a highly secure way to authenticate a customer, a solution most commonly used by financial institutions because it meets the highest security standards.

  • Easy and fast customer authentication in just milliseconds creates a unique sense of convenience and security for customers.

Document legitimacy verification

Various identity documents: passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses are used to identify customers in order to provide them with services, but reconciling their reliability remotely can be difficult. Ondato solutions allow to ensure complete authenticity of documents, to scan data, to accept them in order to avoid fraud.

  • With the help of OCR technology, document data is scanned and compiled into data and register databases.
  • Ensure that the document is genuine, not stolen.

Age verification

There are many age restrictions in various business industries to sell goods or provide services. E.gambling, e.commerce and other industries present challenges in determining the age of individuals correctly.

Ondato allows you to get the right age of your customers quickly and conveniently. From setting age limits, your business will be able to forget about the age restriction because all the work will be done by Ondato.

  • Restricting minors from using your services to verify identity documents.
  • Biometric facial data and compliance with the document are checked, thus preventing access to other persons’ documents.

Data screening

In order to prevent financial crimes, bribery, corruption, it is important to properly verify customers and check them in various registers, databases, sanction lists.

Ondato solution makes it quick and easy to protect against anti-money laundering and terrorist financing. The data is checked in international lists of sanctions, politically motivated persons, various registers, and in the media. All necessary information is collected.

  • The system automatically performs checks and issues alerts.

Data monitoring

In various areas of business, especially finance, it is important not only to identify customers or perform data screening, but also to establish periodic data monitoring, as the situation may change. For example a person may be included in sanction lists even though he is already a registered customer.

  • In the Ondato system you can easily set the desired periodic data checks.
  • You can set reminders for the expiration of personal documents.

Compliance management

In the digital world to ensure the complete security of both business and customer data, a comprehensive solution is needed to cover the most diverse parts of compliance.

The Ondato compliance management platform enables you to be assured that your business meets all compliance requirements and meets the highest standards. The platform provides the ability to meet over 15 K.Y.C. compliance requirements in one place. It’s an effortless way to take care of all the customer base information, separate it down by customer card, centralized risk ratings, set up periodic data screening and get reports.

  • Business intelligence dashboards allow you to monitor and receive reports on the compliance situation in the company.
  • Provides an opportunity to drastically reduce compliance workload.
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