kurts is a German mobile tools workshop based on sharing economy principles. They provide their customers with professional tools for their do-it-yourself home projects. Their latest itineration, called kurts Toolbox enables tool sharing services through a mobile application, allowing its users to rent high-quality professional tools whenever and wherever they need them.

This approach has also been met with several challenges, the main of which was ensuring direct contact with their clients and ensuring the safety of their rented property. Initially, the system was abused greatly by individuals who weren’t returning borrowed items on time or not returning them at all. This issue took a lot of time, resources, money and required immediate attention to keep remote operations effective. Having tested the products and services of different identity verification vendors, kurts eventually turned to Ondato for professional support and cost-effective solutions.

Ondato’s solution to this challenge was the automated identity verification that allows kurts to automatically verify their customer’s ID and physical identity via photo. This provides a basis for genuine customer data, making it easier for kurts to ensure better transparency and chain of accountability. Once a client captures a selfie and a document image, Ondato creates a biometric 3D face map of the individual and scans his provided document using advanced AI-based technology. In a matter of seconds, the user’s identity is confirmed and cross-checked through multiple registries and databases. The entire process ensures 0% fraud tolerance while creating a pleasant and frictionless experience for the customer.

The solution is set up via a mobile SDK integrating it into their app. This means that the user’s journey isn’t disrupted and it isn’t taken out of the app. Everything is processed in a unified flow.

The result allows kurts to know their existing and new customers, minimizing potential service abuse risks from fraudulent individuals. Not only do the implemented upgrades save a substantial amount of time and resources, but they also help kurts stay confident that their remote operations are consistently protected. Ondato’s solution has helped the company further advance its business performance, bringing even more efficiency and sustainability to the construction industry and the tool-sharing economy in general.

The new verification solution allows us to be fully certain about our incoming clients and minimizes the risk of service manipulation caused by individuals using false identity information. Ondato has helped us reach our highest operation level yet and safely support creators that build and shape our world with the necessary equipment.

kurts representative

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