BitWin24 is an online casino revolutionizing the gambling market by combining the concept of a lottery with blockchain technology. With substantial experience in the sector, the company has made it possible for any individual or organization to securely earn money from their network while ensuring anonymity and stability.

However, the gambling market is still susceptible to numerous KYC requirements and one of the bigger ones is the user’s age. Minors should be prevented from using their services and avoiding heavy non-compliance fines, their principal challenge.

In addition, financial crimes, bribery, and corruption prevention are also crucial for companies in these sectors. Each incoming user should be properly verified to confirm their information in relevant registries, databases and sanctions lists. BitWin24 turned to Ondato for a solution that would ensure a fast and safe way of verifying a customer’s identity and screening them against all international AML resources.

Ondato’s solution was automated identity verification using the user’s face and document photos. It allows businesses to automatically verify the authenticity of their customer’s ID and physical identity and provides them with legitimate customer data.

The solution also performs automatic client screening against international PEPs and sanction lists, which confirm that the individual is not engaged in any illegal activities, completely protecting businesses from fraud and helping them comply with relevant AML laws.

As a result, BitWin24 can now remotely verify the age of its users quickly and conveniently without having to rely on manual checks. The solution streamlines the onboarding process for incoming clients while reducing resources to a minimum. Not only does this takes less time, but it also provides a business with confidence that they need to trust their incoming clients fully. This takes pressure from the company, guaranteeing that it fully meets all AML regulations that adhere to the gambling sector.

Automated identity verification tool has significantly expanded the limits of our onboarding process while at the same time minimizing all operational costs and saving us a lot of headaches. With Ondato, we can finally be certain that all of our incoming customers are of permitted age and that there will be no unwanted legal or financial surprises

BitWin24 representative

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