Sometimes small updates bring big changes. At Ondato, we have always praised accessibility and convenience. With something as simple as a feature that allows you to continue later, we can offer both.

The ability to perform identity verification has made the onboarding process much more convenient for users. However, it also means that users can get easily distracted from the process. Users can realize they do not have the required documents with them mid-process or be unable to complete verification in their current environment. For example, finding themselves in a room full of people. This threatens any business with high drop-off rates, as many users may opt to forgo the process altogether if they need to restart from the top. 

In 2020, an analysis of the European financial sector performed by P.A.ID Strategies revealed that financial institutions lose over €5.7 billion every year due to onboarding abandonment. Although simple at first glance, the ability to continue their verification later ensures users do not need to start anew. This means that the information they have already filled out will not be lost, and customers will have even more of a reason to come back. 

Our continue later feature allows your users to receive a secure link to their email where the information they already filled out has been saved. The link will be available for a week, and the user will receive a reminder before that period is bound to expire. This ensures that verification can be performed at the best time for the user with no additional hassle. 

Your customer experience correlates directly to your own experience, which is why we aim to make the process as convenient as possible. This feature is sure to eliminate drop-offs and make returning to the service much easier for users that have to leave the process for any reason.

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