The need for robust identity verification software has never been more critical. Whether it’s opening a bank account, signing up for a service, or conducting e-commerce transactions, verifying the identity of users is essential to preventing fraud and ensuring security. With an array of online identity verification providers on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. To help you navigate through the options, we’ve looked at G2 data and compiled a list of the five best identity verification software providers:

  1. Ondato
  2. Jumio
  3. Sumsub
  4. Onfido
  5. Trulioo

How to Choose an Identity Verification Software Provider

Assess Your Business Needs:

Before diving into the search for an identity verification service take the time to assess your business needs and requirements. Consider factors such as the volume of transactions, the level of security needed, compliance requirements, and the specific features you require from an identity verification solution.

Evaluate Security and Compliance:

Data security and compliance should be top priorities when selecting an identity verification provider. Ensure that the provider adheres to industry-leading security standards and is compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Look for providers that offer robust encryption protocols, secure data storage, and regular compliance audits to ensure secure identity verification processes.

Consider User Experience:

A smooth and seamless user experience is essential for encouraging user adoption and minimising drop-off rates during the verification process. Look for providers that offer intuitive interfaces, mobile-friendly solutions, and minimal friction during the verification process. Features such as real-time verification, biometric authentication, and document scanning can enhance the user experience significantly.

Evaluate Technology and Accuracy:

The accuracy and reliability of the identity verification solution are critical factors to consider. Look for providers that leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and biometric authentication to ensure accurate and reliable verification results. Additionally, consider the provider’s track record and reputation for accuracy and reliability.

Assess Scalability and Flexibility:

As your business grows and evolves, your identity verification needs may change. Choose a provider that offers scalable solutions capable of accommodating your business’s growth. Additionally, look for providers that offer flexible pricing plans and customisation options to tailor the user verification process to your specific needs.

Consider Integration and Compatibility:

Ensure that the identity verification solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, platforms, and workflows. Look for providers that offer options for easy integration with popular platforms such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps. Compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems is also essential for reaching a diverse user base.

The Top 5 Identity Verification Software Providers


Ondato is a leading player in the identity verification space, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries. With a focus on compliance, security, and user experience, Ondato provides seamless and reliable identity verification software. Ondato’s suite of services includes document verification, biometric authentication, liveness detection, and anti-money laundering (AML) screening. Ondato’s advanced AI algorithms ensure accuracy and efficiency, enabling businesses to onboard customers swiftly while mitigating risk.


Jumio is known for its AI-powered identity verification solutions, trusted worldwide. Their platform offers a range of features, including document verification, facial recognition, and biometric authentication. With real-time identity verification capabilities, Jumio helps businesses streamline customer onboarding processes while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. However, struggles with the ease of set up. 


Sumsub is a global identity verification provider that offers comprehensive compliance solutions. Their platform offers quick verification processes, including document verification, biometric checks, and AML screening. With a focus on security and regulatory compliance, Sumsub enables businesses to verify identities accurately while preventing fraudulent activities. Altho decent overall, it can be harder to set up and G2’s ratings of Sumsub’s support team are lower than ideal. 


Onfido is an identity verification provider with worldwide clients. Their platform leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to verify identities quickly and accurately. From document verification to facial recognition and biometric analysis, Onfido offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet the needs of their business clients. However, the ease of use and setup scores drag it down a bit. 


Trulioo is a global identity verification provider with expansive coverage and robust compliance capabilities. Their platform offers access to data sources, enabling businesses to verify identities across geographies seamlessly. With a focus on security and scalability, Trulioo helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements while mitigating fraud and enhancing customer trust. Although a good provider in general, Trulioo’s scores dip lower than the others on the list. 

Last Thoughts

With identity verification rapidly evolving and businesses increasingly turning to innovative solutions to combat fraud and ensure security, choosing the right provider is essential. With Ondato leading the pack with its comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions, businesses can rest assured that their identity verification needs are in good hands. Ondato offers reliable and efficient solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

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    Identity verification software confirms that an individual is who they claim to be through biometric facial recognition technology, data validation, registry checks and scanning customer IDs. When online transactions and interactions are commonplace, verifying identities is crucial for preventing fraud, ensuring security, and complying with regulatory requirements. Identity verification typically involves the verification of personal information provided by an individual against reliable and trusted sources to confirm their identity accurately.
    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) refers to a set of laws, regulations, and procedures designed to prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income. The aim of AML measures is fraud prevention in financial institutions and other businesses through detecting and deterring money laundering activities. These often involve the proceeds of criminal activities such as drug trafficking, corruption, terrorism financing, and fraud.