Photo identity verification

Trust your customers with advanced and fully automated Photo identity verification

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It is easy to feel self-assured when you are confident that you are using resilient solution that provides you with reliable data. Completely immune to fraud and fully compliant with latest GDPR & AML guidelines. Our automated Photo identity verification ensures your customer’s identity is genuine, and provides you only with legitimate personal data to be used without a shadow of doubt.

Key benefits

Fully automated and effortless customer verification

0% fraud tolerance. Bringing only quality customers onboard

Compliant with AML regulations and GDPR

Supports any device & browser that has a camera

The process is truly hassle-free, this is how it works:

Your customer takes a picture of themselves and both sides of their ID document

The system identifies biometric and document data

System automatically detects and verifies the identity of a person, as well as document legitimacy

In a few moments your customer receives confirmation that the process is complete

Data is saved on the separate database and/or can be transferred directly to clients servers as soon as possible

Higher security – better experience

3D Depth recognition

Liveness detection

Anti spoofing checks

Verification in 3 seconds

AI mapping technology

Optical character recognition from a document


  • 100% White-labeled for your brand
  • Can be launched without any IT development from clients’ side
  • Cross-device functionality
  • Supports all major browsers & devices
  • Available as mobile SDK
  • Supports all official documents of the world that you can cross border with
  • Process translation into any language available
  • 100% data GDPR, EBA addendum compliance
  • ISO certified spoofing prevention level 1-2

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