The Final Piece of the KYC Compliance Puzzle

We’re providing a comprehensive operating system for new client onboarding, user base management, intelligence and reporting that adapts to your unique business case. Using our modules, create a one-of-a-kind platform that solves your puzzles.

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What Is Ondato OS?

Ondato OS is a new approach to end-to-end KYC management. Pay only for the modules you use, but have a centralized platform for all your remote onboarding, existing customer database management, and reporting needs.
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New Client Onboarding
Make sure that your new clients are what they claim to be. With digital identity verification for enterprises and individuals, we will ensure that your onboarding process is effective and fraud-proof.
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Business Intelligence
Turn the data that you already have into a goldmine. Harness the power of AI to find valuable insights to improve your services with timely reports to always stay in the loop.
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User Base Management
Manage your existing clients more easily and ensure they're in check with the latest KYB, KYC, AML, or CTF regulatory compliance requirements. From periodic monitoring to sanctions screening - never let your data go out of date.
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Keep track of all the changes within your client database at all times. If reasonable suspicion turns to probable cause, form instant reports and directly submit them to required institutions.

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Key Benefits

One Dashboard, All the Tools
for KYC Compliance

Cut costs iocn
Cut KYC-Related Business Costs up to 90%
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Simplify Your Internal Processes and Save Time
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Set Your Rules from Onboarding to Lifecycle Management
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Stay Up-To-Date Regardless of Your Location or Regulatory Changes

We Work With

The Ondato KYC solution is a fantastic tool that we always rely on! It simplifies the client onboarding process and lowers our operational costs. The team is quick to respond and eager to hear any concerns or suggestions. Also, they update their tools frequently, so you're always satisfied with their quality of service. We're happy to partner with a great organisation that goes above and beyond for its clients.
Mindaugas Gaulia
Head of Compliance at kevin.
As fully digital bank for SMEs, we have been working with Ondato since the beginning. We are happy to have a reliable and professional partner for our client’s identification services and bank customer on-boarding journey. Ondato enables us to provide fast and seamless application process for EU member citizens and services to our clients.
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SME Bank
Banking industry
Automated identity verification tool has significantly expanded the limits of our onboarding process while at the same time minimizing all operational costs and saving us a lot of headaches. With Ondato, we can finally be certain that all of our incoming customers are of permitted age and that there will be no unwanted legal or financial surprises.
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Crypto industry
Secure identity check, verification and onboarding is one of the cornerstones for digital services and society in general, during the Lighthouse program Ondato has shown their excellence in developing a real solution tackling this problem.
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Banking industry
Ondato KYC solution allowed us to simplify the client’s onboarding process and reduced our operational costs. It was the simplest and fastest integration that we have ever seen, thanks to advising and to the great support of Ondato team.
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General Financing
Banking industry
Personal data is a core area we work with, so we had three main requirements from Ondato - bank-level security, compliance with GDPR and other international data protection laws and global database coverage. We have got ourselves a very convenient and tailor-made solution.
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Financial services
We started to cooperate with Ondato three years ago. We needed an easy to integrate one-stop-shop solution in order to evaluate customers financial information. Budget and timing were very strict, and they just nailed it.
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Loan services
By taking advantage of good feedback and working their a***s off, The team at Ondato has made big strides in a short time period. They were able to transition from a fairly basic consumer facing product to a complex business solution that is of high interest to financial institutions and global payments companies.
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NFT ventures
Financial services
As a specialized online loan bank operating exclusively on the Internet, Ondato has enabled us to work with clients who do not have qualified e. signatures and this has helped us to significantly expand the customer base, increase sales and fulfill its vision of a full-digital bank without paper documents.
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Fjord Bank
Banking industry
Ondato is a trusted and valued business partner. Their market leading age and identity verification technology is a key element of OnlyFans safety controls. We enjoy the close working relationship we have with their team and we know that they value our feedback and reflect this in their product roadmap.
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Our Achievements

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World Festival 2021
Innovation Award In AI and Machine
Learning Category
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Fintech Week Lithuania
2020 Award For Fintech Enabler of the Year
German-Lithuanian Business Fintech of the Year
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Mastercard Lighthouse Program Finalist
Financial Services

We provide our services for financial services, looking into ways to streamline their KYB/KYC procedures. A unified dashboard with customizable modules allows freedom and makes staying in line with the latest AML developments easier to manage.


Onboard new users and know everything about them, whether it's a natural or business entity. Stay in the know with modern tools that will be easy to use and provide you with all required information.

Sharing Economy

Sharing economy services are founded on trust between all involved parties. Ondato is helping you take extra precautions with sophisticated tools for KYC and onboarding. Ensure that each new user meets your set entry criteria and has a transparent chain of accountability.


Use our wide array of identity verification tools to issue sim cards and allow users into your main dashboard. Even when dealing with business entities, keep your approach flexible and result-oriented.

Adult Content

Ensure that the adult content is accessed only by those of legal age. Our advanced detection tools like biometric age detection confirm that the user meets the entry bar and set firm boundaries.


Better supervision of your user base with added barriers to minors. Authenticate returning users and verify the identity of new ones easily with AI-driven checks.


Regulators are constantly demanding more transparency and accountability from businesses. Our KYC for cryptocurrency solution will allow you to identify your customers, and remain compliant at no expense to their privacy.