These days the internet is easily accessible to children of all ages. They can even access the content that is legally deemed to only be safe for adults. Thus, businesses providing age-restricted content should implement efficient age verification to protect minors and avoid legal repercussions.

Germany’s Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (also known as the KJM) recently approved the Ondato identity verification system as suitable for age verification. Now, all adult media providers operating in Germany can be assured that Ondato’s tool complies with KJM’s legal and technical requirements.

Why Does Age Verification Matter?

Having robust age verification technology available is vital to many businesses operating in Germany. The country has one of the strictest legal frameworks in Europe to protect minors from content that may interfere with their development. The providers should be aware of two main regulations: the reformed Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) and the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV). 

The recent provisions of the JuSchG have extended its scope and now involveTelemedia. The law applies to online video, gaming, gambling, and music services. Besides, social media networks, dating platforms, chat rooms, and similar platforms should be aware of the regulation.

It’s important to note that providers must now consider possible interaction risks. To protect children from cyber grooming or bullying, services should limit their interaction with other users. For instance, even age-appropriate games may be unsuitable if they have an option to interact with other players.

Both laws require providers to implement an age verification to prevent minors from accessing adult content. KJM is a central supervisory authority that evaluates age verification concepts to determine whether they fit regulations’ legal and technical requirements. However, its primary  duty is to assess the potential violations of child protective laws in Telemedia and determine consequences for the providers. 

Ondato – the Easy Solution to Ensure Compliance

Violating the provisions of the JMStV and JuSchG regulations may result in prosecution by imprisonment of up to one year or a fine. Thus many providers are rigidly following the guidelines of the law. However, some are still struggling to implement the required age verification technology. They merely ask the users to tick a box or enter their age, which does not prevent minors from unlawfully gaining access to adult platforms. Some businesses decided not to offer their services related to adult content in Germany to avoid legal repercussions. 

While compliance with Germany’s child protective laws may seem complicated, there’s a simple solution – the Ondato identity verification system.

Ondato’s system fits all necessary criteria imposed by KJM. Our system verifies one-time users by scanning their documents, performing a liveness check, photo cross-matching, and establishing the date of birth. Meanwhile, returning users are required to complete a biometric authentication

Ondato delivers a straightforward and easy-to-use solution that can verify each client in under a minute. It can be implemented within 24 hours and ensures compliance within a strict German regulatory environment. You can learn more about our service here.