LKU is a credit union group that unites 45 credit unions operating in Lithuania. Unions belonging to this group provide a wide range of services: from electronic banking, banking application and payment cards to payments for utility services, money transfers in Lithuania and abroad, credits and deposits, and more.

Why the LKU Group Needed Ondato

Credit Unions of the LKU group deal with financial transactions and services, meaning they must adhere to strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations in order to prevent fraud. Moreover, the LKU group provides an opportunity to become a member of a credit union remotely, therefore, the remote identification service is very significant.

The LKU group reached out to us, requiring a comprehensive solution without making the process complicated for their clients. In addition, they wanted a solution that could fit the various needs of their member unions, ensuring a simple process with no additional IT resources that includes AML screening. 

How Ondato Helped

We were able to provide the LKU group with several solutions to protect their member unions that could match their needs while staying cost-effective. 

Identity Verification

LKU member unions can now employ an automated photo identification process for their existing and potential clients. This automated method enables LKU member unions to remotely validate client identities in under 60 seconds.

During this process, identity document data is scanned and uploaded into the system. With our optical character recognition technology, this includes information in the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) as well as the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) with no added hassle. With this, we perform spoofing and liveness checks, leaving no room for doubt regarding the authenticity of the user’s claimed identity.

Additionally, all submitted data undergoes thorough scrutiny against governmental registries, ensuring precision. 

AML Screening

To guarantee the strictest security measures, the LKU group employs our AML screening tool both during onboarding and throughout the ongoing client journey to monitor any changes. This comprehensive screening alerts LKU credit unions to any individuals categorized as PEPs, sanctioned parties, or those with reputational risk in the media. Implementing this screening for existing and potential clients ensures LKU member unions can respond promptly to any risk factors. Ondato’s system boasts a vast database, with over 16 million PEP profiles worldwide, real-time updates on sanctions data, and a daily scan of over 6 million reputation risk media articles.

Lost and Stolen Registry

On top of this, the LKU group leverages Ondato to cross-reference all provided identity documents with the Lost and Stolen registry, confirming their validity and ownership. This AI-driven solution ensures that customer data remains current, providing an additional layer of protection against outdated or compromised information.


With Ondato, 45 credit unions of the LKU group have modern processes to ensure compliance with AML regulations. Also, Ondato’s solutions have made the onboarding of new clients simple and easy without sacrificing security. 

“At LKU, we set high quality requirements for ourselves and therefore, we also pick our partners carefully and responsibly. We are happy to have found Ondato, which has accumulated many years of experience in the field of online identity verification. This partnership will allow us to ensure that the individuals wishing to become members of the LKU group remotely will successfully and quickly confirm their identity and compliance with the standards of the KYC principle. Together, we will create a positive experience for our users from their very first steps in the world of credit unions.”


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