Selecting the appropriate Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions plays a crucial role in establishing effective processes that safeguard against fraud and secure your company. In this article, we will assess Trulioo vs. Ondato, drawing insights from G2 review data and various other factors.

Ondato wins out against Trulioo in every datapoint in G2’s review data, with higher scores in ease of use and setup, better support quality and overall user satisfaction in working together.

Technological and Coverage Factors

Global Reach

In the realm of technology and coverage, Ondato stands out for its global influence and cutting-edge capabilities. Ondato extends its services worldwide, excelling in identity verification, business onboarding, and AML screening for diverse businesses and users across various countries and regions. Ondato’s reach spans 192 countries, offering extensive scanning capabilities for over 10,000 diverse document templates.

Compliance Measures

Ondato sets the bar high in regulatory compliance, particularly in KYC and AML adherence. Its solutions and technologies allow businesses to tailor processes to meet the regulatory standards of any country. This includes versatile options such as Photo-based identity verification with liveness checks and video-based verification with agents. Ondato remains at the forefront of technological advancements, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning for precise and efficient identity verification. The company has developed its own OCR technology rooted in ML and AI, specifically designed for scanning personal documents and preventing forgery.

Holistic Risk Assessment

Ondato’s unified AML platform allows for a more comprehensive and holistic assessment of risks. By consolidating data and insights, organisations can gain a broader view of customer activities, improving the ability to identify potential risks and suspicious patterns that may not be apparent when using fragmented systems.

AML Sources

In the realm of AML compliance, Ondato stands out by aggregating data from over 15 thousand global sources, including constantly updated sanctions lists, politically exposed persons information from over 16 million PEP profiles, and scrutiny of 6.5 million reputational risk media articles daily.

Customisation and Security

Ondato stands as a beacon of customisation and integration, empowering businesses to adapt identity verification processes to their unique needs seamlessly. The platform offers multiple options for various tools, including video-based identity verification that preserves the human connection while enhancing the overall process. Additionally, NFC-based identity verification is available for businesses prioritising modern compliance for maximum security.

Security is paramount for Ondato, which provides robust features to protect sensitive user data during identity verification. The platform is GDPR compliant, adheres to the eIDAS regulation, meets ETSI technical standards, and is ISO 27001:2013 certified, showcasing a systematic evaluation of information security risks. Ondato employs unshareable and un-phishable biometric technology that successfully passes NIST Level 1 and 2 PAD testing.


Ondato’s scalability accommodates the needs of businesses, both small and large, offering flexibility as requirements evolve. The service prices are competitively set, with plans tailored for both small businesses and large corporations.

User Experience

User experience takes centre stage in Ondato’s identity verification process. The platform prioritises a smooth and convenient journey for end-users, minimising friction and optimising overall satisfaction. Ondato’s commitment extends to exemplary customer support, with a 24/7 assistance team ready to address implementation and troubleshooting concerns promptly, solidifying the platform’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

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