The Verification Process in 60 Seconds

Your Data is Protected 24/7

Ondato places a strong emphasis on system security, with a primary focus on ensuring robust data security. Our data servers and information infrastructures benefit from continuous 24/7 monitoring. Ondato is fully compliant with GDPR regulations and holds certification under the international security standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

On top of this, Ondato operates in multiple jurisdictions and complies with local laws and regulations. Privacy and Security are interwoven by design in Ondato solutions. Secure development principles and aspects are defined and integrated into the company’s development processes.

In addition, Ondato ensures end-user data remains encrypted during both its transfer between platforms and when it is not actively being processed post-verification.


Identity verification is the process of confirming that someone is who they claim to be. It involves validating the identity of an individual using various methods and tools. This can include verifying personal information, such as name, address, and date of birth, as well as using more advanced techniques like biometric verification (fingerprint, facial recognition) or two-factor authentication. Identity verification is crucial in various contexts, such as online transactions, financial services, and access to secure systems. This protects both you and the service you are trying to access.
Our AI uses optical character recognition to ensure you do not need to input document data manually. As well as various spoofing detection tools to check the validity of the gathered information and double-check it with various registries.

Once we confirm your identity document is genuine, biometrical data analysis returns that the biometric data isn't spoofed, meaning confirmation that no one else is pretending to be you, all gathered data is compared.

The gathered data is then automatically cross-referenced with sanctions, reputational media, and politically exposed person's screening lists, both in-house and external. All you have to do during this part is wait a couple of seconds while the checks are performed.

All necessary information is then given to the dedicated KYC compliance specialist that adds the final confirmation to approve or deny your verification request.
Ondato accepts 10,000+ documents from 192 countries, however, the service provider that you are registering for may choose to exclude certain countries or document types, therefore it should be checked with them.
To find out why your verification might not have been approved and what you can do, you will need to reach out to the service provider to find out their requirements.
Yes, Ondato’s age authentication is completely safe. Our solution is KJM-approved and fulfills all legal and technical age verification requirements.
Ondato does not store user data, it is stored by the service provider. Therefore to find out the exact time, you will need to check with the service provider.
Data controllers/service providers are client companies that are using Ondato’s service. The clients are responsible for any changes and set rules on how to proceed with their users’ data.
The exact data depends on the service and will be disclosed during verification. The main information is the data from the identity document (name, photo, date of birth, document expiry, etc) and facial biometrics.
Your verification can be rejected for various reasons, from expired documents to the document type not being accepted by the service provider and others.

However, if all of your data is correct, here are some common mistakes that could be getting in the way:

  • Your photos are blurry.
  • The lighting in the room is too dark.
  • A part of your document is covered.